Get The Most Out Of Selling Your Home

by on September 13, 2013

Get The Most Out Of Selling Your Home

So now you’re ready to show off your house! Pretty much like a first date, first impressions may spell disaster or a dream come true! Here are a few tips to set your property up for a successful inspection.


1. Clean up, spruce up!

Yes, it’s stating the obvious, but it pays to be really finicky about this one. Make sure the whole property is neat and tidy from top to bottom, inside and out! This means from gutters to gardens, cupboards, bathrooms wardrobes and even inside ovens. Hunt those dust bunnies out, vacuum the corners, and scrub, wash and buff until everything is sparkly and shiny!

Be sure to schedule that big cleaning day well ahead of the buyers’ visit then just keep maintaining your home in that squeaky clean condition while your property’s on the real estate market. It’ll then be easy to spruce up a bit before an inspection rather than panic for a last minute makeover.

Don’t forget to clear out your mailbox, the shoes from the porch and tools lying around the back. Get eyesores like the rubbish bins cleaned out and kept out of sight. If need be, engage a professional or an objective friend to help you de-clutter.

Going further, ask a home staging consultant for assistance with finer touches from rearranging furniture and hanging tasteful artwork to embellishing your house with other style elements that can breathe life into your house for buyers.

2. Let in the light and fresh air

Let clean air in and stale, smelly stuffiness out. A fresh smelling house always invites potential buyers to stay long and linger. So whenever the weather and safety allows,  keep air flow going by opening your windows during the inspection as well.

Draw back your curtains and raise the blinds to get as much bright, cheerful light in as possible. It’ll also help to show off your house from the street and get buyers to check out the view from inside the house.

3. Remove pet evidence!

Major turn-offs for prospective buyers are usually pet smells or stains, hair balls, fur and any indication that you share your property with pets. It could be a major issue for those who are allergic to furry and feathered creatures.

Deodourise for a pet odour-free home and have someone with an objective nose come over to check if you have a fresh smelling zone. You might just be so used to the smell of your pets that you may not be able to tell if the smells are completely gone.

Make sure that floors and furniture are hair- and fur-free, and pack up the feeding bowls and toys. Clean out litter boxes and make droppings from the yard disappear! It will also help to have your frisky pets on vacation during home inspections.

4. Homey personal touches make it cosy.

Personal touches add character to a house and may make a buyer feel at home. Sparking an emotional connection through fresh flowers, a mouth-watering plate of newly baked cookies on the kitchen counter or even an open book can help interested people imagine themselves living in such a welcoming place.

5. Smell right!

While you nail the pretty-as-a-picture visual presentation of your home on the market, don’t forget to make it smell as good as it looks! Unpleasant, stinky smells or strong food odours might be deal breakers for your inspecting guests.

Engineer a homey ambience with aromas that can induce buyers to seriously consider your home. Make use of fresh, delicately scented flowers, candles and air fresheners. You can even have a pot of coffee brewing or bread baking in the oven during your scheduled inspections. However, stay away from strong perfumes or heavy incense that may cause endless sneezes.

6. Always at the right temperature

Your home should be at its best during walk-throughs and that goes for optimal temperature as well. Buyers shouldn’t feel too cold or too warm so make sure to adjust your home’s temperature ahead of time depending on what the current weather’s like. You need to show that your house is able to warm up or cool down its owners, depending on the climate around it. Fans and portable heaters will also do the trick if central heating and cooling maintenance or fixes are impossible to complete by inspection time.

7. Safety Issues

Inspect your home for broken fixtures or accidents waiting to happen and have these immediately addressed.

Protect yourself and your property by removing any valuables that could be tempting to pocket. Double check with your insurance provider about your coverage for open inspections, and if any additional requirements will be needed for protection.

Make sure that your agent records the details of people coming through your property and only let people into your house at appointed inspection times.

8. Have paperwork at hand

Sometimes you’ll just be lucky enough to get a buyer who would want to snap up your property right then and there. When that happens, it would be great to have all the information your visitor may need at the ready. The faster you address any concerns or questions that come up, the more at ease the potential buyer will be at your quick and ready answers.

Work with your agent on the negotiation points beforehand and accomplish all relevant paperwork like renovation history, pest documentation and property approvals. Have copies made so that serious buyers can immediately review them or take their copies home to study.

9. Let your visitors wander around by themselves.

Make yourself scarce while your prospective buyers are giving your house the once over. Give them time to explore your halls at a relaxed, unhurried pace. Coordinate with your agent when visits will be scheduled so you and the family can be ready to step out for a bit. Be sure to take your furry companions with you so they won’t get underfoot! Always be ready, even for unplanned, surprise inspections by having a handy basket and bag nearby. Use the basket to quickly stow away messes or misplaced things and use the bag to pack up things for a short trip while your house is being looked over.

If you don’t want to leave the house entirely, retreat to an area of the house that you can stay in while your buyers go exploring. This would also mean that you can be available for a quick chat about the house and the area, but won’t make them uncomfortable with your presence.

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